Hands-On and Thoughtful

We got married in Virginia while living in Arizona and our 200lb English Mastiff couldn’t make it, so I had a cardboard cutout of her made so she could walk down the aisle. It was a surprise for my husband and Emmett helped me by transporting the life-size cutout of our dog from the rehearsal to the wedding the following day. He did all of this without anyone noticing. A huge deal to me and a huge hassle taken off my plate. It POURED on my wedding day and was also unseasonably cold. I had been cocky about the weather for our outdoor waterfront September wedding, so the tent was truly a morning-of emergency add on. I wasn’t there to witness, but my family members and in-laws all still talk about watching Emmett the wedding planner standing in the pouring rain for hours and pounding a sledgehammer to get the tent up in time before the ground beneath was too soggy. Emmett thoughtfully brought the groom and I snacks and drinks while we were having our pictures taken post-ceremony. It was the only way I would have been able to taste any of the hors d’oeuvres we spent so much time picking out pre-wedding. Those are only a few of the countless reasons I will be forever grateful that Emmett was there on our rainy yet amazing wedding day. All of my friends were talking about “the guy with the bow tie” and wishing they had known him for their own weddings.

I love Emmett.
— Beth

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The Knot

Attention to Detail

My husband and I are military and were living in Texas for most of our wedding planning process. The week before our wedding, we got to Virginia and met Emmett for the first time. That weekend, he was our “day-of” wedding coordinator and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be by our sides and behind the scenes for our big day. Although we had just met him it was like we had been working with him for the past year. He was such a pleasure to work with and made us so comfortable and stress-free the entire day. I wasn’t worried about a thing all day long. From when I arrived at the church to when we left the reception everything was perfect. Every detail of our wedding was in place and perfect without me having to check anything. I would always hear wedding nightmares of “flowers weren’t here” or “tables were wrong” etc. but nothing like that happened and if it did, I wasn’t aware. He was definitely a lifesaver! The best man’s pants were too short and Emmett used his emergency kit to remove the hem. (I didn’t even find this out til the next day.) He also bustled my dress for me since my mom and maid of honor were both already at cocktail hour. When my husband and I arrived at our reception, Emmett brought us to our own private room to relax during cocktail hour before we were announced to our guests. He told us he’d give us some time to ourselves as it was going to be the only time we’d be alone until the end of the evening. I appreciate that little gesture so much because it gave us just a little time to relax and enjoy that fact that we just got married before the party started. Once dinner was served, Emmett made sure people left us alone at our table long enough for us to actually eat. I can’t say how grateful I am for that because for one, we got to enjoy the delicious food we put so much time into choosing, and two, we weren’t starving at the end of the night. We always had fresh drinks! We wouldn’t even know our drinks were empty and there would be another one waiting for us on our table or in our hand. My husband and I loved that part! Emmett always made sure we had everything we needed or wanted and we didn’t even have to ask him. His time management was awesome-everything went according to the timeline we prepared and if things needed to be changed around he did so flawlessly. The day after our wedding both of us missed Emmett so much! We still talk about how we wish we could just have him around all the time. I would recommend Emmett to any couple who is looking for a stress-free wedding planning experience and beautiful wedding day. You will not be disappointed! I wish we could have another wedding just so we could work with Emmett the whole time!
— Anna

Invaluable Help

As soon as I met Emmett, I knew that we would make a great team. He is creative, honest, and so caring. Emmett works many, many events and has a lot of connections and contacts which will prove INVALUABLE in planning your day. Emmett was always accessible by phone/e-mail/text. Whenever we met, I always felt like I was his important bride and that our wedding was his top priority. His wonderful associate Monica managed every aspect of our day with grace and aplomb. As the bride, I did not need to sweat the small stuff because I knew that Monica had everything under control. It may be tempting to forgo hiring a professional coordinator in favor of allocating money in your wedding budget elsewhere. My advice - write the check. Ensure that a professional is coordinating this very important day. Most importantly choose someone you can trust - Richmond Bridal Consulting is the best!
— Eryn W.

Saved My Wedding

As a long distance bride trying to plan a wedding on my own from 3,000 miles away, I hired someone else first. When that person turned out to be a disaster, my maid of honor called Emmett five days before my wedding. He was so responsive and willing to help (luckily my wedding was on a Sunday, so he was able to help even though he had a full weekend of other weddings!). He immediately put me at ease. I felt 1,000 times better about my wedding. He is a true pro and knew how to take my vision and all the work I had put in and just make it even better, more seamless, and so much easier for me. Richmond Bridal Consulting saved my wedding and my day went off without a hitch - he even had to help assemble things that someone else bailed on the day of and did so without a complaint or an ill word! Our day was absolutely magical and more than we ever could have imagined and I owe so much of that to Emmett and Richmond Bridal Consulting.
— Cat L.

10-Star Service

I wish I could give 10 stars. I could not have done it without Emmett. He pointed us in all the right directions for vendors, dealt with all of them, and kept us under our budget. One of the things I loved the most about him is that he’s not afraid to tell you if something won’t work. He’s full of suggestions and will find a way to make your wedding a dream come true. Our wedding day was absolutely AMAZING! He was there the entire day dealing with vendors and making sure everything was perfect and in place. He was so calm and had everything under control. All we had to do was just sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. He even fixed our plates for us. He’s worth it! I miss him already :-)
— Ryan T.

A Worry-Free Wedding

We hired Emmett for the ceremony and reception, and we could not have been more pleased with him. He is willing to be a hand holder throughout all of the major decisions. I trusted his advice for just about everything. Emmett takes his job very seriously, and you can tell he enjoys every second of it. He took such good care of us on our wedding day, and we’d have been lost without him. He made sure that we stuck to all of our timelines, that we ate a full meal at our reception, that we never had an empty drink. Nothing went wrong on our wedding day. We had many wishing that he had been there on their wedding days. The fee is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
— Debbie P.

Made Me Feel Like a Queen

The most amazing wedding planner you could ever dream of, shout out to Emmett! This man just exudes confidence, he knows exactly what he is doing, it’s magical. I gave him my vision and not only did he bring it to life, he exalted it! Every single detail, he blew it up, made everything bigger and better than I ever could have imagined. I felt like I was working with a friend, he was just as excited for the big day as me. I truly felt like a queen dealing with Emmett, he granted my every wish and made every single step simple and easy. I barely lifted a finger! I didn’t have to make calls or shop around for vendors, wasting my time and getting frustrated. You need invitations? Go here. Flowers? I’m calling this place, they’re the best. Accommodations for guests? Let me set that up for you. The ease and reliance in which he executed everything was simply flawless.
— Kristen M.

A Perfect Stress-Free Evening

I worked with Emmett during my wedding (from planning to the day-of and even after). Emmett was a rock star! He always stayed in touch, was quick to respond to any emails, helpful in guiding both my husband and I through the entire process. He was wonderful during the rehearsal as well as making sure everything went smoothly the day of. It made for a perfect stress-free evening. I would highly recommend this company! :)
— Hannah M.

A Wedding Ninja

On the day of the wedding, everything went FLAWLESSLY thanks to Emmett. This man is seriously a wedding ninja. He kept everyone and everything in order, he was very attentive, personable, and I genuinely felt like he was excited to be a part of our big day. He did everything from organizing the rehearsal to helping us with decorations to facilitating group pictures to actually getting a grass stain out of my wedding dress (and much, much more). Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. If you work with Emmett, you will absolutely not be disappointed. He is THE BEST.
— Rebecca E.

Solved a Major Snafu

I called Emmett about 1.5 months before the big day realizing I was getting lost in the details of the day and wasn’t sure how to structure the timeline of events. Emmett built our timeline and asked key questions that I had overlooked. During the week of the wedding, my fiancé told me our band was double-booked. I immediately called Emmett to get the details of this major SNAFU and Emmett was able to get all the of questions answered that my fiancé failed to ask and assured me that we were OK. On the wedding day, Emmett helped set up everything and ensured that regardless of the weather, all of the decorations were tastefully placed and that everything looked perfect. While I was not completely sold on the purpose of a day-of coordinator prior to the wedding, I can honestly say that I could not have done it without him.
— Andrea K.


Emmett Hickam with Richmond Bridal Consulting made our day perfect. He is incredibly organized and knows what to do in any situation. We hit some bumps in the road with other vendors and despite the stress, Emmett stayed completely optimistic. If you want your wedding to be perfect and absolutely beautiful AND build a friendship in the process, go with Richmond Bridal Consulting. You won’t be sorry.
— Kelly–Rae H.

Saved My Sanity

Emmett Hickam with Richmond Bridal Consulting definitely saved my sanity throughout the wedding planning process. I already had the major details figured out- location, vendors- and he helped to fine-tune the small details that we would have never thought of. He was always readily available and never made me feel like I was bugging him or taking up too much of his time. After the ceremony, he made sure that we had a few moments of alone time before having to talk with everyone. At the reception, Emmett made sure that we were able to sit down and eat, bringing food to the table and even asking if we wanted more. Throughout the reception, he made sure that we had drinks in our hands and were having a great time. I could not have survived the day as well without Emmett.
— Danielle B.